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Behavioral Health

Project Curb is an online resource specifically for teens and young adults.

Additional Resources

We've put together a list of some great resources for you and your family! Take a look below!

ADHD Tracker 1.0

This app is based on the Vanderbilt Scales to help identify potential signs of ADHD in children. Of course, if you have concerns about your child's behavior, you should seek professional help. This app might be able to help you decide when!

Available on iPhone


Reward your child's positive chore behavior through this fun app! Your kids can earn points for completing chores and having fun along the way!

Available on Android & iPhone


Similar to Chore Monster, this app is geared toward teenagers! Help your teenager gain a sense of independence while teaching them important skills for self-care!

Available on Android & iPhone

Mindful Coloring

Need to de-stress a bit? Try some mindful coloring!

Available on Android

My Mood Tracker

A great app to help you track your moods throughout the day. It also gives you the chance to see how other things, like sleep, exercise, stress, pain, etc, impacts your feelings.

Available on iPhone


Originally designed for the military community, this app can be used by anyone to learn deep breathing techniques that help manages stress!

Available on Android & iPhone


Mothership is the companion app to Choremonster and Landra that allows parents or guardians to assign reward points, and other perks, to your children!

Available on Android & iPhone

Other Great Resources

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