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Behavioral Health Team

As a part of the CHECK family, you also get access to compassionate, expert support from our CHECK Behavioral Health Team. We're here to help with all of the different emotional and behavioral needs of our patients and families. The Behavioral Health Team is made up of a mix of licensed mental health providers and experienced mental health paraprofessionals, which allows us to connect you with the right kind of help based on your needs. Through a stepped care model; the team provides direct interventions, skill building interventions, preventative services, and community referrals based on your level of need. Our Behavioral Health Team has the skills and tools to identify problem areas and establish a structure of support and services focused on you.  Our goal is to address the needs our patients currently have and prevent long term behavioral health challanges.  All of this means increased quality of life for each patient and family in the here and now. Whatever your behavioral or emotional health needs - we've got the expertise and drive to help!

Behavioral Health Team:


  • Is a listening ear, here for you!

  • Has the expertise and experience to identify and address behavioral health needs big or small.

  • Works with patients on everything from managing stress, to dealing with depression, to children’s behavior challenges.

  • Provides services directly to our patients and families and links them to services they need in their communities.

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