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Care isn't just a word, it's a promise.


Care Coordination Team

Our Care Coordination model is designed to bring together patients, their families, and healthcare experts to address patient needs. To meet the goals of each unique patient, and to ensure patients are receiving the absolute best care, we have designed a program model based on patient support and empowering you.

Our care coordinators are experts at identifying and overcoming the barriers that keep you and your family from addressing your health needs.  Our care coordinators aren’t just familiar with your community, they are often members of the communities they serve. This gives them a unique understanding of your needs and your resources.  CHECK’s care coordinators work with you and your family to create care plans that are unique to you and reflective of YOUR goals.


Our care coordinators work with you to provide you services where you’re available.  Whether it be in community settings, at the doctor’s office, or in your home; CHECK is here for you. Our goal is to see you face-to-face at least once a month to make sure we’re giving you the care you deserve. Our care coordinators focus on providing access to social support, connections with social service agencies and organizations, and assist patients and their families with social barriers such as: immigration issues, housing, transportation issues, work-related hurdles and education-based matters.  Whatever you need, our staff are here to help!

Care Coordinators

Care Coordinators: 

  • Assist in navigating the healthcare environment

  • Assess patients and families to identify needs, then work to ensure those needs are met.

  • Coordinates communication across healthcare providers

  • Identify Social Support and Resources, and links families to those resources as needed.

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